Lisa I. Post

Clinical Psychologist & Assoc. Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine

Alyssa has a superpower not commonly seen in personal trainers - she listens. Not only does Alyssa listen, but she has the ability to identify and connect with a client's core goals in a way that is compassionate, and motivating at the same time.  Alyssa's sessions last longer than the 60 mins you are with her.  She thinks about her clients between visits.  She provides over the top service in the form of email recaps of what she has heard during the in-person session and then formulates plans and responses based on her evolving knowledge of her client.  Alyssa is truly unique.  I have been to several trainers and have never seen this level of intelligent service before.  Also, she is a pleasure to spend time with and that makes the training hour fly by.

Babette Shennan

Creative Director and Owner at Babette Shennan

Alyssa is warm, accepting, understanding and able to relate to my ups and downs without ever sounding judgmental or condescending. She always helps me to remember the smaller victories and the positive steps that have been achieved.  Her knowledge is so immense and she is so genuinely happy to share that knowledge to help her clients reach their goals. More than any trainer I've ever had, Alyssa invests in her clients health and well-being. I'm so lucky to have met her!


Mark Welton

Professor and Surgeon at Stanford University School of Medicine and Vice Chief of Staff

When I first started training, I had no idea what a tremendous impact subtle stretches, mobility work, and other "non work out" activity that I can't explain would have on my recovery. I have pain issues that I felt I would have for my entire life. Now I have learned simple drills that relieve me of the pain and allow me to continue to progress in my recovery. The vision training and Z-Health drills are the most unusual aspect of my training.  If you told me that simple visual drills would lead to almost immediate resolution of neck spasm and decreased range of motion, I would not believe you.  As an individual who has been trained in medicine and studied, practiced and researched in the field for over 30 years, I would not believe the connections without experiencing them first hand.


Genevive Gaines

Project Manager at Facebook

Alyssa is an incredible coach, fitness mentor, and friend. During our sessions, Alyssa is highly attentive to my movements and mind-body focus. Each workout is strategically structured and always planned ahead, with a specific goal in mind. I like to describe Alyssa's workouts as subtle; Alyssa is able to construct a program and lead me through a workout in a way that allows me to not become psychologically fatigued. She plays into my mental approach to an exercise so that I feel capable and confident, and through this method of coaching, I have achieved multiple personal bests in the gym. I love working with Alyssa and do feel like she is my champion of support in the health, fitness, and wellness areas of my life. 


Veronika Reinhold

Lecturer in Spanish at Stanford University

Alyssa Chang has been my personal trainer for almost three years now, and she is probably the best that happened to me in a long time. From the first moment we met, I felt to be in the very best hands. Alyssa is open-minded, really listens and is encouraging but on the other hand extremely professional and demanding (in a very positive way). Every training session with Alyssa is fun but also challenging, and believe it or not, I look forward to it every time! I have the feeling, that Alyssa really knows me well. She just needs to look at me and knows how I feel each day. She really shows interest in me as a person, and especially when I have a bad day, she is amazing in getting me going. Thanks to Alyssa I got back on my feet and am working out regularly again. She really helped me to change my life.


Iman Mostafavi

Co-founder and COO at Limbic Software

I trained with Alyssa  for most of 2012 and would have continued training with her if I didn't move away from Palo Alto last January.  She is extremely attentive and knows exactly how hard to push you without making you feel sick afterwards.  Alyssa will also make sure your form is solid.  The workouts were constantly varying so I never got bored.  One of the things I really liked about Alyssa's training style are her post-workout followups.  She is great at following up after workouts to see how I am feeling and also provided helpful feedback on my diet when I showed her my food log.  Even when I was traveling for work, she would email me to see how I was feeling.  I'm 31 now and have never been in better shape my whole life.

As a software engineer who sits in front of the computer most of the day, I can't say there is a single other investment I've made in my life so far that makes me feel better about myself on a daily basis than training with Alyssa. Even though I've moved to San Francisco and have a new trainer there, if I ever have to spend time in Palo Alto for more than a few days for business I will try to schedule a training session with her.  She's THAT good!


Kathy Vancamp

Executive Administrative Director at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

I have been training with Alyssa for over two and a half years and she has transformed me and my relationship with my body!  As an older person, I wanted a trainer who would be mindful of all my creaks and groans, yet still fashion a program that would build lean muscle mass and get me into shape again!  I wasn't sure it could be accomplished but Alyssa has been brilliantly successful and I feel great!  I feel like I'm 25 years younger than I am!  

She is patient and understanding of my needs as an individual, and she's got a great sense of humor.  She's not just my trainer.  She has become my friend!


Chris Gaines

Creator and Owner of PerformanceGaines Training Systems

Alyssa has had a profound impact on my perception of my abilities. Before working with Alyssa, the confidence I had in certain movements and aspects of my day was questionable at best. I felt that I was living a 'good enough' life and initially just wanted to learn to further optimize the movements I already knew and were comfortable with.  In working with Alyssa, I began to foster a newfound desire to experiment - with movements like squats and strict overhead pressing - in the hopes that I could eventually do both without residual pain or discomfort.  Over time, Alyssa calmly shared with me her knowledge and tools that made it possible for me to squat and press again! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to reawaken parts of my mind and be able to perform movements that I had not previously done for months or years before.