“My ultimate goal is to give shape and meaning to your life by helping you be confident and use the resources you already have."

– Alyssa’s Four Principles –

Define your Values

The process of physical change must be accompanied by an honest exploration of our own psychological, emotional, and social well being. By aligning our personal goals with our values we are able to create a program suited for our life.

Befriend Yourself + Self Care

Befriending yourself (body and mind) is a journey of learning to speak, move and feed your body in a way that is fueled by self-compassion. 

Experimentation: Trial and Error

By adopting an experimental lens we forego the belief that failure is not the norm. To truly understand our body, I encourage the idea of trial and error. In the wise words of Dr. Eric Cobb: "become your own scientist".

Support Network

Communication, support and empathy. I hope to provide an ongoing conversation where we are working together to build a program for you. 

“It is difficult to describe my approach without sounding cliche. . . What I do boils down to the simple fact of helping clients achieve their goals by guiding and believing in them. Really believing in who they are and their ability to accomplish their goals translates into the little day-to-day actions that guide my work.”
— Alyssa Chang