Rehab Your Metabolism with Bag Breathing

In this tutorial video, I show you how to go about completing “bag breathing”. Bag breathing is an acute stimulus to create more CO2 in the body to help manage too much O2.

So how is it that over-breathing, hyperventilation and not enough CO2 contributes to the symptoms like pain, fatigue, sluggish metabolism, weight gain?

Well, when we take in too much oxygen we are impacting the internal harmony of our body’s homeostasis, the point at which we individually feel balanced and safe. Having a normal blood pH scale, normal temperature, normal blood sugar, and normal blood pressure are examples of homeostasis.

If we find ourselves in an over-stressed and over-breathing state our blood pH levels will rise above 7.45 forcing us into an alkaline state. We end up decreasing CO2 levels, not allowing the blood pH to return to homeostasis. What’s so fascinating is that our brain will begin to crave more acidic foods as a means to elevate acidity levels and bring us back down to neutral pH levels.

So what are acidic foods? Processed foods.

Processed foods, animal proteins, processed grains and snacks like chips, cookies, cakes etc. are more acidic.

Bag breathing is an impactful drill that can induce quite a significant change in how much fuel supply we bring to our brain. Better “fueling” not only from glucose, but also from oxygen. The better we breathe the better we feel. The better we feel, the better our metabolism is functioning.

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