Client Transformation Triumphs

I recently viewed Melissa Hartwig’s IG story which discussed the importance of “getting out of the mirror and into the process”.

To break the cycle could you get out of the selfies and mirror and into the process.png

To say I was refreshed is an understatement. With majority of programs reinforcing metrics, physical/reflection changes, many are left missing the entire point of the “journey”.

Bringing awareness of how you respond to challenges, what you learn, how you strategize, how you embrace failing, how you practice patience- all of those non-scaleable successes? That is what “this” is about. It is about stepping into the process.

I have worked as a coach for the last 11+ years and throughout my experience, I cannot describe how it makes me feel to see a client step into their values and begin the process of aligning their life, their nutrition and exercise habits with what they value in life.  

Learning how to start aligning your life with your values is no easy challenge. In fact, it’s often times so challenging, many choose to live out their days not being truly authentic, not speaking their truth, not embracing who they are and what they want and deserve in life. Let’s also note, that society, media and marketing make it even harder to do so.

So, when we say “get out of the mirror and into the process”, what we’re saying is this, if our focus is solely external, what do you imagine happening when we don’t see the physical changes? What happens when we create a habit of assessing our reflection daily, nit picking apart our body? What happens when we actual make a ton of progress yet don’t celebrate our non-scale wins?

We don’t give ourselves the opportunity to grow, heal, and thrive.

We stay “stuck” in the same way of thinking, the same way of living.

We grow further from our chance to be happy, fulfilled, healthy and abundant.

So, my challenge to you is this:

  1. I would encourage you to spend far less time staring at your reflection, criticizing your body, taking the perfect gym selfie and more time reflecting on what you value in life.

  2. Registered Dietician, Laura Schoenfeld has a free guide called “Fear Free Diet”. I don’t mean to spoil the ending, but she encourages you to pick and reaffirm your values as a valuable step towards living more healthfully.

  3. Consistently remind yourself to be patient, change is hard and you’re not alone.

Below is a quick video of one of my most memorable experiences as a coach. Her before and after photo is “non traditional”. It is not about the pounds lost, the new wardrobe or the calories skipped. It is about the confidence gained, the support network created and the authenticity she embodies now in her business and life.

There is more than one way to achieve happiness than walking down the “weight loss will bring you happiness” avenue. I promise.

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