5 Reasons Why We Should Eat Like A Kid (Infographic)

Below are a few simple ways kids view food.

As adults we steadily grow away from food being as simple. But keep in mind we are NOT to blame. In 0.49 seconds, 776,000,000 results will pop up when you type in Google "How to Eat Healthy?" 

In .58 seconds, 1,470,000,000 results pop up when you type in "What is a Healthy Food?"

So you see, with the availability and accessibility to access all this information, it's no wonder so many of us are left confused , frustrated and disconnected from our bodies. 

You can download this info graph as a reminder to keep on your phone, or post in your kitchen. And please stay tuned for the "How's" Of Eating Like A Kid Again Blog I'll share soon.

Why you should eat like a kid.png
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