Get Beach Ready in 10 Simple Steps by Taylor @Shethrivesblog

I wanted to highlight Taylor Gage creator of @SheThrivesblog. She recently wrote an amazing blog post Get Beach Ready in 10 Simple Steps that I wanted to share. 

One of which is "You are not your body. You are more than abs, cellulite, stretch marks or muscles. Your masterpiece is your life and the lives you impact, not your goddamn swimsuit size or silhouette."- Taylor

The Awesome Taylor Gage!

The Awesome Taylor Gage!

Rest assured, this isn't your typical "juice cleanse", "fat loss" program. This is a beautiful twist on how to ease the unwanted stress we place on ourselves as summer approaches. You can follow this link to her blog.

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Every single body on earth deserves the feeling of sand between their toes, sun on their bare skin, and swimming in the warm ocean. You are worthy of happiness, relaxation, and enjoying the earth, as you are right now.
— Taylor