The Wellness Boulevard's Shared Blog Post: The BEST and WORST exercises for Chronic Illness

When I came across Kelly Elizabeth's blog on "HOW CAN EXERCISE HELP AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE? (THE BEST & WORST EXERCISES FOR CHRONIC ILLNESS)" I couldn't help but want to share this with everyone!

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Kelly Elizabeth

Kelly's blog highlights the following:

  1. How to incorporate movement without worsening your symptoms

  2. Overtraining

  3. Moving in ways that compliment your mind and body

  4. Diving deeper into "Exercise and Stress"

In her blog post, she'll talk about some of the best and worst exercises for autoimmune disease and chronic illness. Interestingly enough, all of which are methods that helped me heal my body and metabolism after competing.

I want to also mention that her perspectives on best and worst exericses for chronic illness can definitely also apply to those of you who feel like you're constantly running a rat race, never have enough time to slow down, or always feel like you're jumping from one task to the next. As I've mentioned before, a stressed body should not be doing a stressful workout.

Please click the link below to follow to her informative blog!