The Importance of Vision Training

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Did you know that having better vision can help improve strength, range of motion/flexibility, reduce pain, help manage stress and help you become a better mover?

Since attending Z-health Performance back in 2014, I have incorporated vision training with myself and my clients. There are many ways to train your visual system (convergence/divergence, peripheral, near/far, eye hand coordination, saccades, eye tracking, stamina, depth perception, sequencing) and I’d like to just bullet point a few areas that I feel are worth highlighting:

  1. 75-90% of most motor learning comes through the visual pathway at first. For instance, what we see will help us understand how we will need to move.

  2. In many cases, children are misdiagnosed with ADD/ADHD, when in reality it is actually a vision impairment.

  3. “If you don’t use it, you lose it”

    • While this may be true to some degree, it’s also important to remember that we can also use itand then improve it.

  4. Peripheral Vision: 

    • Reduction in peripheral vision leads to a reduction in movement quality. Ever notice how older people start shuffling instead of walking as they age? Well, that can be attributed to the lack of exercise the visual system receives. Less peripheral vision will lead to less awareness of where we are in space, and as a result we start to change how we move our body.

  5. Poor vision can lead to poor posture. 

    • Ever notice when you don’t have your glasses and/or are trying to read in a dark room. You may squint, strain your facial muscles, push your chin forward etc. Before you know it, you’re hunched forward, spine is flexed, face is tense and your head is jutting forward. All of which is linked back to the fact that you can’t see well. Imagine this when you’re body is under load (ex. Weight training). The likelihood of injury is exponentially increased because our visual skills are not trained.

Follow the links below to read more about the importance of vision training. I’ll be sure to deliver more videos on how I implement it into my training regimen. Thank you for stopping by!