Additional Testimonials on Alyssa's Training Approach & Philosophy 


Brian Chancellor

Real Estate Sales Manager at Sereno Group

In my training sessions and consultations with Alyssa she has shown commendable knowledge and passion for her profession.  I have been relatively athletic my whole life but had never been formally trained.  Her assessment of my body makeup and areas needing improvement were spot on. The exercises she prescribed are innovative and fun, while focusing on both my strengths and weaknesses. I have felt muscles in places I have never experienced before and also begun relieving my body of little aches that I had just accepted for a number of years.

Her caring spirit was obvious by the look on her face during the workouts as I pushed myself, wanting to make her proud. I couldn't recommend Alyssa more highly if you are looking for a coach/trainer who is knowledgeable, passionate, conscientious, and a good listener.




Sara Wampler

Romance Novelist & Manager, Digital Content - Books on Google Play

I've worked with trainers in other gyms before, never with a lot of results -- but working with Alyssa has shown me just how much impact a great trainer can have on the success of her clients. The initial assessment was a really good experience for me because I felt that Alyssa really listened to my past experience with exercise and weight loss, heard my hopes and concerns, and helped me to set goals that were both aggressive enough to see results and realistic enough to maintain steady progress without getting discouraged.

Even though I don't consider myself an athletic person, my workouts with Alyssa have already become one of the highlights of my week. She's friendly, approachable, and never leaves me feeling embarrassed for not remembering the proper form for exercises she's shown me in previous sessions. She also does a great job of customizing my workouts and varying them enough so that they're always challenging without becoming boring. I've also really appreciated the attention she gives to my form -- several of my muscles are really tight, and now that I've worked out with her, I can see that the reason I failed with other trainers was that they didn't pay attention to helping me avoid injury and I just assumed that the pain was normal. Alyssa is really in tune to my needs, and she's giving me the confidence I need to keep working out and building strength. And our first check-in on my measurements and stats five weeks after starting training has already shown great results.

Bottom line, Alyssa is the best trainer I've ever worked with! I hope to continue working with her for as long as it takes to meet my goals. She's a fantastic asset to Equinox, and the biggest reason why I'm satisfied with my experience there so far -- so thank you for having her on staff :)



Sonja Bebber


I cannot imagine ever finding a personal trainer like Alyssa Chang again. She is not the first person I have trained with at Equinox (NYC and Palo Alto) and I have been so happy to have her work with me twice weekly for the last 1.5 years. 

Alyssa has not only been a pleasure to get up for at 5:30 a.m.--she has also motivated me to change my diet and to work out by myself with more effectiveness and more joy.

Specific examples that illustrate how Alyssa has gone above and beyond any highly qualified trainer include 1) the food log she will send you and monitor for you in her free time, 2) the way she completely and instantly remodeled my training once I could no longer lift heavy objects (I am now stronger than ever before and my arms are beautifully toned nonetheless), and 3) the friend and close confidante she has become almost immediately.

The dedication, skill, and exceptionally positive attitude she brings to her work is remarkable. I am not sure how I will ever train with anyone else again.


Pat Fann

Otolaryngology (ENT) - Head and Neck Surgeon at PAMF

I have been training with Alyssa Chang for almost a year, having been referred to her by another trainer whose opinion I greatly respect.  Alyssa has exceeded my expectations.  She is armed with an endless array of exercises, uniquely tailoring them to the individual.  She identifies and targets deficient muscles that are easily neglected with standard gym workouts.   She has a knack for sensing how hard to push, and when to ease back.  Incredibly, she assigns detailed workouts during the week, touching on not only strength and conditioning, but also nutrition, sleep, and general systemic health. Alyssa’s approach is amazing in its breadth of scope and at the same time in its focus.  She hones in on weaknesses and works around injuries.  At the same time, one never feels over-trained.  It’s a perfect balance.

On a personal level, Alyssa is warm, friendly, and approachable.  She is a great listener and a creative thinker, always offering thoughtful suggestions in a non-threatening way.  The kind of person you’d want to have as a friend if she weren’t such a great trainer!



Diane Naar

Director, Personal Financial Services at Sutter Hill Ventures

Alyssa Chang became my trainer in late 2009 when my current trainer Pam went on medical leave.   Since Pam was more my age, I wondered how it would be to work with a younger individual – could she relate to me, would she over work me not realizing this 50ish body was not what it used to be?

I can only say good things and more good things about Alyssa.  Not only did she exceed my expectations of what a trainer should be, she became my friend; someone that could light up my morning with a huge smile.  She steadily worked with me and helped me  through various ailments.  She tailored the workouts regularly to make sure I wasn’t aggravating all the various aches and pains I had but she still pushed me so I would get the benefits of having her instruction and guidance.  I was so impressed on how she would ask other instructors for any expertise they had that would help her work better with my issues.  She also educated me on diet as well; Alyssa is never pushy about anything but always willing to do extra things, for example, shopping with me at the grocery store to help point out different foods I could be adding to my diet.

I will definitely train with Alyssa again and I would recommend her to anyone.  She is not only a great trainer but a great person!


Janelle Naruo 

Pilates Instructor

Alyssa is an excellent trainer. She is very professional and knowledgable, and helped me lose over ten pounds preparing for my first NPC show. Her positive outlook and attention to detail helped me immensely during our training. She even took the time to write encouraging cards leading up to my competition date! I had a great experience through her coaching, and also found a better work-life balance in the process. I highly recommend Alyssa as a top fitness professional who will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.



Allison Elliott


Alyssa Chang at Average to Elite Performance is one of the best trainers in the business.  Alyssa is totally client centered-- she listens to you, pays attention to your goals and priorities and then ever so subtly challenges you to push yourself beyond where you could ever go on your own.

Alyssa is very sensitive to my ups and downs and modifies my work out accordingly.   When my back starts acting up or my knee bothers me, Alyssa pays attention to helping with the pain in the short term and correcting what led to the pain in the long term.  She is a true partner, helping you to meet your goals and findi ways to integrate health and fitness into your life forever.




Alex Schultz

Director of the Growth Team at Facebook

I began working with Alyssa upon the recommendation of my previous trainer (who was awesome too) when he moved cities. Under Alyssa’s guidance I have taken a really great base I set up with that trainer to new levels. Over the past two years I have put on 20-30lb of muscle and increased my strength tremendously hitting personal bests at squatting, bench-press and deadlift--even beating personal records I set when I was a rugby player and rower a decade ago in my late teens and early twenties. The really interesting thing about my workouts with Alyssa is that we rarely do any of those exercises, and instead, do more interesting movements like getups, Olympic lifts, kettle bell workouts and so on. Each workout is different and entertaining so that I am not bored, but actually engaged in the gym. This is really important for me especially because most of the last two-years have been a very intense part of my career (I had previously returned to the gym during a bit of a lull in my workload). Without Alyssa’s guidance and an entertaining, challenging range of workouts, I am pretty sure I would have stopped working out over a year ago. I highly recommend Alyssa as a trainer and hope to work with her for a long time to come.