Fueling/nutrition ("Week to week" approach):

  • We will work together on rebuilding your metabolism through means of experimentation.
  • Our goal will be to systematically focus on raising your "metabolic capacity”, essentially the amount of energy (calories) your body can intake without adverse effects.
  • In an ideal world, we want your body to understand how to efficiently use the carbohydrates/fats/proteins as energy, to build muscle, to recover etc. Every nutrition plan/program is very different for each client as each person has had their own unique experiences with dieting, exercise etc.

Weekly Facetime/Skype calls (50 mins):

  • Each phone consultation will be a way for us to reconnect and touch basis on how the program has served you thus far.
  • Prior to each phone call you will be asked to complete an intake form:
    • You will provide me with information (at least 12 hours prior to our appointment) on how training, sleep, fueling and overall mindset exercises have gone.  
    • You will be asked to come to each phone call prepared with information. 
  • Training Guidance- Generally suggestions for training. No workouts given. Strictly suggestions.
  • Training programs (suggested)- Specific training programs shared with you with private tutorial videos and mobility series to help you become a better and stronger mover. 

The Price: $800-1000 (additional training programming/skype sessions)