My Top 5 Traveling Tips to "Stay on Track"

Top 5 Traveling Tips to “Stay on Track”

I recently returned from a family trip to Las Vegas. You can imagine the difficulties of staying on track with my specific fitness goals while visiting the city of over-indulgence.

Below are a few key tips I relied upon that may help you to stay on track during your next trip or vacation:

1.    Activity – Seek ways to be as active as you can, even if it’s simply walking.

It’s important to be as active as you can. Thankfully, we walked a ton in Vegas and the location of my hotel was right next to a 24-Hour Fitness.  Should you be traveling in a location without a gym or recreational center, try to find ways to incorporate as much walking into your daily routine. Even a brisk walk can do wonders for lowering stress levels and mobilizing stiff joints.

2.    Preparation – Plan in advance to provide yourself with healthy options.

From past trips, I’ve realized how important it is for me to be prepared in advance of my travels. During this past trip, I packed a bag of protein powder that could easily mix into my morning McDonald’s oatmeal (talk about staying healthy when there appears to be few options!). Additionally, having snacks on hand (e.g., rice cakes and nut butters) definitely helped me hit specific macronutrient ratios.

3.    Lodging – Do a bit of quick research to see what amenities are available at your hotel or lodging.

Knowing what amenities are available at your hotel is key. Is there a gym, a fridge, a nearby grocery store? Researching these key items ahead of time can help to keep you on track.  

4.    Be kind to yourself – Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Being kind to yourself is key.  Understand and allow for times where you may skip a day at the gym, or eat some ice cream. You’re not in your normal routine back home and instances like this may occur. The key is to make sure that you don’t beat yourself up over this. Enjoy the bite of ice cream, sit back and tell yourself “that was delicious.”  Trust me, that one scoop of ice cream or day missed at the gym won’t have you gaining 15 lbs.. However, the negative thoughts generated by such anxiety can lead to negative behaviors like spending extra hours at the gym, or depriving your body from adequate nutrients.

      5. Happiness: Enjoy your vacation because. . . it’s a vacation!

I’m a strong believer that there is nothing worth fighting for if along the way you are not growing, changing and practicing forms of happiness. Vacations should be enjoyed. Personally, I’ve been on vacations before where I’ve obsessed about going to the gym, eating only salads and making sure I wasn’t exceeding my calories/macronutrient totals. Running through these thoughts was not only exhausting, but made me very unhappy.

Every time you travel remember the reason “why” you are on vacation. Is it to spend more quality time with family, to take a break from your work stress, to enjoy some time with your kids, or in my case, to see my 87-year grandma play Black Jack until 12 a.m.! These efforts to “stay on track” will mean nothing if you are constantly unhappy.

Lastly, I do want to mention that the above tips depend on your particular goal. Because I am prepping for another show I had to make sure that I was almost over prepared. If you’re just looking to stay active and maintain your health and physique then your vacation may require less structure.

Thank you for stopping by!!!