Welcome to my blog!

Welcome Future Blog Readers,

As someone who is naturally reserved and accustomed to spending the majority of my day listening to others' personal stories, writing about my own life is a bit of a challenge. Yet, I feel it important for myself, for my clients, and for prospective readers who may be interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle that I create a space where I can reflect on my practice and store the countless new learnings I acquire each day. In addition to fun and inspiring tid-bits gleaned from the web, here's what you can expect:

  • Training advice: I'm hoping to include short video-tutorials linked to my YouTube channel. Too often, I spend time browsing the internet only to find examples of training exercises that I agree with roughly 70% of the time. I'm hoping my blog will provide an archive of various workouts that  current clients and curious web-browsers can watch to learn or to reinforce training or movement drills.
  • Inspiration: As the title implies, there's no sense in "waiting for happiness." Our physical transformations are often intimately linked to emotional or social goals that we keep buried deep inside us. By sharing personal stories of my physical and emotional journey through competing in figure competitions and the continuing daily challenges I face, I hope that you may be able to learn through my experiences and progress on your journey to a happier, healthier life.
  • Personal anecdotes: Last, what is a blog without a bit of fun? I am constantly coming across incredibly entertaining media related to the world of health and fitness and want to share these moments of comedic relief and inspiration with you, not just my friends within the personal training world.  

Last, I want to offer a disclaimer that my guidance and advice is of course only one approach among many. Yet, it is based on my experience of what I have seen work and help transform the lives of my clients. Since part of my motivation in writing this blog is to counter much of the misinformation on the web, I can attest that anything I write or post comes with my absolute confidence.  Enjoy! Please comment and share, as I am constantly looking forward to hearing your thoughts as well.