- Dr. Eric Cobb (Creator of Z-health Training)

Your body is an ongoing experiment. By developing tools and problem solving skills I aim to help you understand how to achieve your health goals. The focus is for you to understand what your body needs (movement, nutrition, mindfulness). It's to teach you to how to approach your body from the perspective of experimentation, while practicing forms of both self acceptance and appreciation. You’ll learn to intuitively eat, move, and thrive in a way that is both specific to your mind and body. 

The Program (Offered Online as well)

1. Initial Assessment (60 mins)

2. Shared Program Folder: 

  • Movement Program: Based off of the initial assessment, I will create a program that will be designed to progress you safely and as efficiently towards your goal. Within the program, client's will be requested to take notes, complete solo workouts, fill out requested data, and reflect.

  • Fueling Program: This will be an integral part of learning how to properly fuel your body. We'll utilize a variety of methods like temperature tracking, glucose monitor readings, food logging and self reflection as a means of understanding what your body needs. 

3. Accountability and Support (Monday through Friday 7am-5pm): 

  • I have found it beneficial to understand and learn about your life outside of the two- three hours we meet. Therefore, a part of the coaching program will be what I call "check in's". These will be utilized between each session; I'll check in to see how your body is feeling, offer methods of support and stay up to date with day to day fluctutations with stress, sleep, life demands etc.